Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So yesterday was the day I had been dreading since my surgery. Scan day, the day that determined my life for the next year. As you know, my cancer is very aggressive and does not respond well to chemotherapy. Knowing that the only way to really get results is to remove the tumors, I was afraid that I still had tumors somewhere in my body. So my mentality going into this day was hope for the best but expect the worst. After all my scans were over, my mom and I waited in a conference room while the doctors reviewed the images for a LONG time. When the doctors returned to tell us the news, they had smiles on their faces. My scans were clean!  The only reason they took so long was that my body was playing a game of Tetris. There is a piece missing so my organs are moving around to try to fit that hole so it was hard for the doctors to tell what was what. But they said everything looked great! I even get to have my port removed so that I can enjoy a normal college life! Let's just hope that I don't get skin cancer from this sunburn I'm sporting!