Thursday, October 25, 2012

And suddenly things are a little brighter

It's been a long hard week, and mine isn't even over yet. I have a midterm tomorrow, so I really shouldn't be writing this right now, yet here I am. I really just wanted to vent to people about how horrible my week has been and all I wanted to do was eat my weight in cookies. I bombed two tests this week, didn't get to go to After Dark, missed a psychology study so now I have to make that up with even more studies, and I didn't get to go to bible study. I swear all I've done this week was sit at my desk and study. I've been so stressed that I haven't been able to sleep causing my eyes to make me look like a raccoon, and now that I have hair, I actually have to do something with it. I now understand curly hair problems and the only solution I've found is a hat.
But my aunt sent me cookies and a smiley face balloon AND some random guy went out of his way to open a door for me which brightened my day a little bit. He probably thought I had been crying  because apparently I've been rubbing my eyes and my mascara was all the way down to my cheek bones, but that's beside the point.
The point is that I had been dwelling on the negative and overlooking the positives of my week. I was worrying about the grades I made, and there is nothing I can do about them, they're in the past and I can't change that. But I can change what tomorrow will be. I just need to remember that  I have friends that are awesome, family that loves me, and a God that adores me. I really don't need anything else. My life is good, today and everyday.
Our attitude determines the type of day we'll have, so stay positive and don't worry. As far as I know, worrying doesn't add a single day to our lives. Tomorrow is a new day so just take a deep breath and smile, everything is going to be alright.

P.S.- Thanks for the cookies, I've already had four.
And for those of you that aren't my facebook friends, here's a picture of my hair. It's grown a lot since the last picture of me I put on here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This story just proves what I've been saying. No one suffers without purpose. God has reasoning behind every little thing in our life. He's not just throwing stuff at us because he can, he loves us way too much for that. This couple is amazing and their story is astounding.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Videos worth watching.

This is a video from a girl in my bible study. It's for a really really really good cause. Watch and share to help get this little boy adopted!

This video is awesome. Even if you don't like One Direction it's a great video. If you like music at all, you should take some time to watch it.

I am Redeemed.

I woke up in a worshipy mood today. I like it :)

I seriously listened to My Dear by Bethel Music on repeat like twenty times today. I love it. I couldn't upload the video though so here's a link to watch the cutest video of it ever. I hope my faith is as evident in my wedding as it was in their's. Seriously, this is beautiful.

This is my FAVORITE WORSHIP SONG EVER. It reminds me of how deep and wide God's love is. His love is bigger than I can imagine and stronger than I will ever know.

This video gives me chills every time I watch it. So moving. I just watched it now and almost started crying.
Here are some other really good songs,

This next one has poor sound quality. I'm sorry! It's the only one I could find. If you want to look it up it's called We Will Sing by Burgundy Road.

Living he loved me. Dying he saved me. And buried he carried my sins far away. I forget how big of a sacrifice God made to know me sometimes. His love and grace is more than enough for me, and I am so thankful that he is a forgiving God .Without him, I would be nothing.

I know there are a ton of videos on here, but each one of them is worth watching. ESPECIALLY THE SECOND ONE. If you watch any of these, watch the second one.

It's a great day. God loves us. Smile. Be happy.