Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Yesterday I had my procedure done to get the fluid out of my lung. Apparently most people are asleep for it and now I know why. IT HURT A TON. There may have been a few silent tears rolling down my face. They basically stick a tube through your ribs and then the fluid just drains out so you feel a lot of pressure. They were only able to get 600 cc of fluid out before they had to stop because I started having a lot of trouble breathing and felt pain in my chest so they had to give me oxygen and monitor my heart beat. They said I'm still really diminished on my right side as far as breathing goes though, so this might become a regular procedure. But at least I can breathe a lot bettter.

I wasn't able to keep down my dinner last night so the only thing I've had to eat in the past two days is a handful of crackers. I woke up this morning feeling kind of cruddy and got in the shower before class and almost got sick, so I knew that I was not going to be able to go  to any of my classes today. I was able to convince my professor to let me take his final at a different time so that's good. I haven't left my room all day and the only time I've left my bed is to get sick. I just hope I feel better soon.


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