Thursday, June 19, 2014

Do It for Lizzie!

Below is Lizzie's Bucket List. I think it would be really neat, fun, cool, and interesting to try to complete her bucket list. So, here's the challenge:
Look at the things she was not able to do. Pick one or two or more and do them! Come back to this post and comment on the list item completed and when and I will update her list. I would like to include a picture too if possible. I'm not sure how to do that unless you send it to me through my email. (

Mission trip to Africa or South America (maybe even both!!)
Bungee Jump
See an alligator in the wild  Alex and Mom - Spring Break 2014
Tickle a penguin
Go to a Katy Perry concert
Meet Ryan Gosling
Meet Joseph Gordon- Levitt
Go to Europe
Visit New York during Christmas time
Go scuba diving
Adopt (more like sponsor) an orphan
Get a tattoo
Go on a helicopter ride over Austin at night
Cheesy I know, but get my first kiss
Ride in a hot air balloon
Run a 5k (for those of you who don't know me, that's a big deal because I DO NOT run)
Take dance classes again
Go paragliding
Ride a segway
See floating lanterns like in the movie Tangled
Crowd surf
Be in a professional photoshoot
Go to a filming of So You Think You Can Dance
Watch a meteor shower
Jump off a waterfall
Go rock climbing
Play paintball
Watch sea turtles hatch
Pet a giraffe
Hold a monkey
Visit a glow worm cave
Get a hot stone massage
Swim in Blue Hole (She didn't get to swim in the Blue Hole, but was able to visit it! Thank you Fran and Susie!)
Learn to play the piano
Visit a walk through aquarium

                                                               Spring Break 2014

                                                        Lizzie at the Blue Hole

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