Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support you have provided. It has been so nice to have such a large group rooting for me. If you would still like to help, here's a way that you can change millions of people's lives. Just donate a small amount to the American Cancer Society in support of cancer research. If everyone donates just a small amount, there would be so much money being fueled to stopping or curing cancer! Imagine one day without cancer; you can be responsible for such a beautiful future just by donating a dollar or two! If you would like to donate, just follow this link!
There's a link right above this. It's just black so it's hard to see. Move your mouse over it and it will light up!

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  1. Lizzie, I just met the folks at the Manchester during my short visit to Atlanta. I would like to make a donation directly to you for your trip to Italy. Do you have a paypal account? Please email me at dschwartz@southernpg.com.