Sunday, August 26, 2012

Midnight FroYo, Glacier Water, and the Public Transit System

 After a week of being a homebody and hiding out in my room, I'm glad to say that I'm adjusting nicely to Austin. This really is a great place to live and I'm looking forward to spending the next few years here. UT provides so much for students to do! I'm not used to it. I find myself repeating my life in Lufkin, sitting around for a long time trying to think of what to do, only now I have too many choices (as opposed to none). Just in the past few days I saw stand up comedians, had frozen yogurt at midnight, played a weak game of football (and its a stretch to be able to call it that), and went to Barton Springs. Boy is that place cold! I've swam in spring water in Alaska that was the same temperature as this. But anyways, the bus rides are free for students so the entertainment options are limitless! I love calling Austin home.

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