Monday, November 19, 2012


Everyday, a ton of my Facebook friends post something they are thankful for. It's so nice to see people stop and really think about what we cherish and are thankful for, because, often, these are the things we overlook. It's so much easier to focus on the bad stuff that happens to us. I find myself asking God why he lets bad things happen way more often often than I thank him for the blessings he has given me. So this is my form of the thankful Facebook post. I'm only going to do one, but this is the most important and relevant to my life right now.

I am thankful that I had Cancer.

Yes, that is a shocker, but I've been thinking about it and if I could go back in time and prevent myself from getting it, I wouldn't. This struggle has changed me for the better and I am so grateful for it. It has taught me what real friendship is, it has taught me what to value in life, and it has deepened my relationship with God. God was able to use me for his plan and I can not tell you how giddy that makes me feel.

So thank you, God, for making me a stronger person. Thank you for giving me the challenge I needed to blossom.

On Wednesday, I go in for my second round of scans to see if any cancer has returned. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm completely confident that they will be clean. As optimistic as I am, sometimes being a realist is better. Because liver cancer is so aggressive, it seems as if a recurrence is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. My struggle may not be over yet, but I will face any new obstacle head on and rejoice knowing that my God is standing beside me every step of the way.

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