Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I have Cancer again and that's not a bad thing

My remission ending has not made me sad at all. This is a little weird, but it might have made me happier. I know that without this, I never would do any of the things I really wanted to with my life. I would have left college and gone straight into my career without giving any of the items on my bucket list a look. Nothing is holding me back now, I'm free to take any leap that I want.

One thing that makes me smile is the knowledge that God is using me. A few weeks ago I was consoling a friend and mentioned something that I didn't really think would apply to me again, but it does. God uses us for reasons that we may not always know, and sometimes that entails large struggles on our part. Cancer is not the way I imagined God using me, but that's the way it is so all I can do is be happy for this opportunity to touch people's lives. Cancer sucks a ton, but in my opinion, knowing that I'm positively affecting someone's life right now far outweighs the suckiness of being sick.

My bucket list used to have only one thing on it, and it was to know that before I died, I left a positive mark on Earth. I know that right now I am. After I'm gone (which isn't for a while) there's going to be a big ol' Lizzie footprint in the lives of my friends, family, and maybe even people I don't know. Because of this, I can go to bed smiling every night, even when I am stressed over finals or feeling cruddy.

So even though I'm sick, life is good. Really good.


  1. I know you have made a big impression on MY life and I want to Thank You!! I only wish I could be more like you and be the strong person that you are. I just thought I was a strong person but, no....not when I read your blogs. You are an amazing young lady and I admire you!! I know both your mom and Ricky and I know they have to be so proud if you!! Keep that postive attitude and living life to the fullest.
    Merry Christmas Pretty Lady!!
    Denese Runnels

  2. Lizzie, You dont know me but, I am Derrick Smith of Veracity Aviation give me a call at 6192285885 or email derrick@veracityaviation.com, I think we may be able to work on a bucket list item or two.

  3. Your words are so beautiful Lizzie. Your incredible strength is inspiring and your faith, unwavering.. Our family and our 8-year-old daughter Bella have been praying for you continuously and we are all so proud and inspired by your words, your faith, your strength and so much more. God is using you in a huge way precious one. You don't know us but we want you to know that we love you. You have touched us. You touch us with your words and your wise wisdom and unwavering faith. We will continue to pray for you and be strengthened in our faith through you. Please continue sharing your life, your adventures and the Lord through you. Thank you and bless you precious Lizzie.