Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I wasn't planning on making a new entry today, but something happened that I think needs to be remembered. My day was spent eating yummy food, visiting with friends, and wig shopping. All great things, but I will forever remember this day, March 27, 2012, as The Day of The Fallen Warriors (aka the day my hair started falling out, but the other version sounds cooler) I had noticed a few more strands were falling out here and there over the past day or two, but today when I washed my hair chunks of it came out in my fingers. At first I was scared, I have to admit I forgot I had chemo and I thought my hair was falling out for no reason. That can be traumatic to a teenage girl! Once I got over the initial shock, I was sort of sad, people would finally be able to tell that I have cancer. But then I realized, losing my hair is a good thing. It means that my chemo is working! Plus, at this point my hair is just something that gets in the way. So if everyone could just take a moment of silence to think about those warriors that fell today. JUST KIDDING! But never forget to thank and remember the actual soldiers of America! They really do deserve to be recognized.


  1. Baby girl.............. Oh.. how this really touched my heart.... I have been letting my hair get long for locks of love. I have had it trimmed two times in the past year and a half. I rarely blow dry it and want so badly to have it cut soon... You are an amazing inspiration as well as a warrior yourself.... I will to be honest with you and pray for the fallen warriors.. As God knows each and every hair on your head and he know the number daily.. He's the only one that needs to count... Since your first blog was posted I am in awe of you.. Such a wonderful outlook on your journey through this small phase of life... Love you girl, wonderful post, and I really hope to see a post daily from you....... Be blessed sweet girl.. Be blessed.

  2. Lizzie my sweet! You are beautiful, courageous, inspirational, hilarious, creative, intelligent and I love you, your " fallen soldiers " and your Faith!!
    Aunt Darby

  3. Lizzie - I am so proud of you! I'm rooting for you and you're in our prayers! Get a killa' new do!

    Brittany Harris

  4. Lizzie, you are a warrior, an angel and an inspriration!
    Your "fallen" will come back strong like you. I am so proud of
    you how you are handling all your trials. You inspire all those around you.
    I Love You!!
    Aunt Steph