Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a matter of RYAN GOSLING

As most of the UT students already know, Ryan Gosling is in Austin shooting a movie. It's been posted all over twitter and facebook and whatnot. Tons of people have been trying to get a glimpse of him, I know I have! I heard a rumor that he was in west campus and completely dropped what I was doing to run across campus and see him. It's too bad he wasn't there, and now I have to rewatch a lecture because I missed most of it. Although it's "easy" for me to drop everything just to get a glimpse of Ryan, it's not so easy for others, especially those going through chemo. They can't leave the hospital because they have to be attached to chemo almost all of the time. I remember thinking it was a hassle just to use the restroom because I had to lug this huge pole behind me. And when I felt like walking around my hospital floor, I would have to plug into the wall because the batteries for the chemo disperser would die. Then there's the matter of being in a crowded place. Because chemo kills your immune system, you can't go anywhere where you could be exposed to lots of germs. It's already not fair that these teens and children have cancer, they shouldn't have to miss out on an opportunity to see Ryan! So, how about getting Ryan to visit them?!?!
Every Thursday the Dell Children's Hospital has a teen movie night for the oncology patients. Wouldn't it be awesome if RYAN GOSLING SHOWED UP? I'm trying to make this happen so it would be awesome if you could help! Just tweet it or facebook it. You could be responsible for making one person's week (probably year).

SO LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Let's see if we can get Ryan Gosling to visit the Dell Children's Hospital in Austin  on September 27!

Tweet #RyanatDell and spread the word!
Also make your facebook status about it and share my blog! We can make this happen.


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  2. Hi Lizzie! My name is Jenna Housson, and I am a broadcast journalism and film student at UT. I have seen your posts in various FB groups about trying to bring Ryan Gosling to Dell Children's. I think you story is really inspiring, and I find it encouraging what you're trying to do for all of the patients at the hospital... Not only trying to bring people there that would brighten their day, but that you are volunteering there as well. Would you be interested in allowing me to do a feature story about what you are doing? Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing back from you! I can be reached at jenna.housson@utexas.edu or 830-998-4053.