Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brave the Shave

So I don't want my blog to become a huge fundraising website, but this cause probably means even more to me than the last one I told y'all about. It's called Brave the Shave and it's hosted by Saint Baldrick's. Brave the Shave is a fundraiser where people can donate money or even choose to shave their head, which is just as helpful as donating money (and maybe even a little more important, but I'm a little biased). Shaving your head for Saint Baldrick's acts as a walking advertisement for a great cause. Not much money at all (I believe less than a penny of every dollar raised) gets donated towards research goes towards pediatric cancer, so it's up to private organizations, such as this one, to raise money and do their own research so that children can have a chance at life. If you can't donate money, but want to help, sign up to have your head shaved!

I cannot tell you how important that is to someone with cancer. The only people that volunteered to shave their head for me when I was going through chemo were my mom and sister and I cannot tell you how alone that made me feel. Even though I had tons of people rooting me on and wearing t-shirts with my name on it, I didn't have one person that looked like me and only two who were truly willing to stand with me when I had to shave my head. It really really does mean the world to someone dealing with cancer to have people willing to shave their head for you so you don't feel like a freak by being the ONLY bald person in your life. And remember, hair does grow back!

So if you would like,  donate here and if you want to shave your head, talk to me about it! I would love to help you sign up if you're going to be in Austin that day, or even if you're not! You can still shave your head and tweet or facebook about it to raise awareness for Saint Baldrick's or pediatric cancer in general.

OR if you want to support my friend who is shaving her head you can click here! She's a really great person and needs all the help she can get to raise money. Plus, SHE'S ACTUALLY SHAVING HER HEAD FOR THE CAUSE. She's going all out and not many people do that so please please please help her out.  I can't upload her video, but here's a link to it!

P.S.- I'll be speaking at the event, so come and support if you can!

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