Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter YEAH

So I didn't make it to church today. I'm starting a new tradition where I feel like death on Easter and just want to puke my guts out. If you remember from my post last year, this really isn't that new. But my church attendance is really not the point of this post...

I didn't grow up attending church and I'm actually very thankful for that. I don't think my faith would be the same if I had grown up in church. I did grow up in a christian home and I was taught the meaning of Christmas and Easter, but we only really went to church a couple of days a year. I was baptized in second grade, but I don't really think I understood the meaning of what it meant. I really liked the idea of Jesus, but I'm not sure I realized the depth of what that decision meant. It wasn't until sixth grade, when my parents got divorced and I moved back to Texas, that I really started attending church. At the time, that was really what I needed. I needed someone to cling to, someone to lead me through a confusing time in my life, and I am so glad that the someone I chose was Jesus. I remember sitting in my aunt's backyard thinking "Wow. God really does love me. His love is limitless and he treats me WAYYY better than I deserve." Not long after I rededicated my life to Jesus. And then two years ago yesterday, I was baptized again in the Gulf of Mexico. When I was lowered into the ocean, a huge wave crashed over me. I don't know if it was just the timing, but I like to think that was God covering me in his love and grace.

Today, two years later, I never would have thought that I needed God as much as I did this past year. And the need only grows every single day. Without Him, I would have nothing. I would be lost. I would be lonely. I would never feel like I was enough. But because Jesus died on the cross for me, I can have the relationship I have with God. Because Jesus died on the cross, I know I will never be alone. Because Jesus died on the cross, I can experience limitless love. Because Jesus died on the cross, I can be happy because I know where I'm going. So thank you, Jesus, for giving your life for me so that I can experience perfect love that will never leave me.

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  1. Lizzie, this is the most beautiful understanding of who Jesus is and what he can mean to us that I have ever read. I should be nearer death than you are because I am 81 years old. In the normal scheme of things you should have many more years to praise and serve The LORD. But you and I don't make those decisions and Praise God we have someone to lean on who is closer than any other. I love you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. JC