Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scans- Round 3

So I had scans during spring break to see how my cancer is progressing. I didn't actually get to meet with my doctors until a few days after the scans so I started a bet with a few friends on how many new tumors I would have. My bet was 6, but I was wrong. At least it was better than my sister's bet of 14. Anyways, I have three new tumors, so I now owe my friend, Kyle, a piece of gum. That was the wager. My friends are cheap, right?
 Anywho, I have two new tumors in my chest. I don't want to get all technical and use medical terminology, mainly because I really don't know it, so their general location is around my trachea. Tumors produce liquid (eww, nasty), so now I have liquid building up in one of my lungs. That shouldn't do anything besides make me out of breath easily, which I'm kind of glad because I just thought I was really really out of shape. I also have a new tumor sitting on my liver. FUN STUFF.

This sounds really weird, but I need help naming these new little guys! I promised to name one Puff Daddy and I was thinking about naming another one The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, but I'm still kind of iffy on that name. The naming process is important and names can't be given all willy nilly, you can't just rename a child. Any suggestions on names?


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  1. How about Spongebob Squarepants?